Is fear of throwing people a thing?

It should be. Everyone has fantasies of how they’d handle this situation or that argument. Mine include, but are never limited to, picking the offending individual up by their shirt and flinging them against plate glass. But that’s just me. I’ve fought violent tendencies and images in my brain most of my life. When I […]

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My Rosa: Eileen Dillon

Author’s Note: This was originally a slightly different post, entitled “My Rosa”.  It has been edited and reposted with revision. I recently read a book by Mark Shriver entitled “Pilgrimage”. It’s a biography of the current Pope, Francis. In its beginning chapters, Shriver details Pope Francis’ earliest days in the Catholic faith. He was heavily […]

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Are we listening?

When I think of questions like the title of this post, I think of the lyrics “Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see?” Like John Adams in “1776”, I keenly want to know if the Universe is paying attention. Is anybody really listening to anyone else? Am I listening to […]

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Me too: one of how many?

Age 11: the first time I was sexually harassed. I was always tall and overweight; puberty hit early too. I was 11, and a boy came over to me after a number of mean things had been yelled in my direction. He spoke: “You know the only reason they say that stuff about your butt […]

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New Things

This post may take a while to type. It won’t matter so much once you read it, but the time it will take to create remains the same. In my quest toward health (which seems about as likely as Don Quixote slaying those windmills), I have been blessed with some “new things”. The most obvious […]

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#MoreThan Part I

This is the first of a 3-part series. The theme is derived from a campaign currently being run by Patientslikeme entitled #MoreThan (please learn all about it here). I thank Patientslikeme for allowing me to take part in the campaign, and I hope these posts might prove helpful. ********************************************************************************* When asked what defines us, we will often […]

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Science Fiction Double Feature

So much has happened, I hardly know where to start. In the last 6 weeks, I: gave a presentation on my life with Bipolar Disorder for PLM staff rehearsed and sang all of Holy Week helped to get a book including some of my work published  went to Washington D.C. for a big patient data […]

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