Puzzle Pieces

The trees are changing, leaves are falling…. And my brain seems to be falling to pieces once again.  What does this all mean, when the nights get longer and colder? How is one to fight the battles waged on the inside?   The answers come fast and furious: Exercise!  Smile! Just wait for it to […]

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We Are Not Amused.

Today, I got a good hard smack in the face.  I do so much advocacy work (or at least try to) for mental illness, and I think it clouded my judgement a bit.  I was living in a haze of lovely “everyone knows how hard this is”, and “everyone is so educated about mental health”.  […]

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Achievement Unlocked!

I can’t believe it. I am going to work a full time job again. Between graduating from college in 2002 until 2005, I had attempted a multitude of full time jobs. They varied in skill set and setting, and always ended with me in the hospital with suicidal urges. My arms would be a mess […]

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I’ve been doing a lot of blog-reading lately.  They span the globe and subject matter, but lately I’ve honed in on blogs written by others with bipolar disorder.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly just confusing. I enjoy most of what’s written, and find a fair amount of it helpful.  What I am confused about is where I […]

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Is fear of throwing people a thing?

It should be. Everyone has fantasies of how they’d handle this situation or that argument. Mine include, but are never limited to, picking the offending individual up by their shirt and flinging them against plate glass. But that’s just me. I’ve fought violent tendencies and images in my brain most of my life. When I […]

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